Sunday, August 15, 2010

A little fairytale...

A little Fairytale
Once upon a time, in the 21st century in a land far far away in a place called Earth there lived a princess, the princess of a kingdom called "Modeling" named Coco Rocha. She was beautiful, she was real, she was canadian,
she was everything
everybody wanted to be. Rocha was discovered at the age of 14, competing at a Irish dance competition. She hasn't always been a a model for the runway, she has been a role model for a lot of people. She was my inspiration. She was incredible. She was a fairytale. And then one day She had her own FairyTale.

(the invitation of there special day)

On June 9th, 2010 Coco Mikhaila Rocha and James Edward Conran got married in a castle in France, her dress was stunning, her ring was really pretty, the entire day must of been a true fairytale.

(the rock for rocha)

(Her wedding dress by Zac Posen)

(the castle in france)

(Coco and James)

I just adore weddings, especially celebrity weddings because they have the weddings "we" cant
afford, they have the ones that really go over the top and even when they think
its not over the top, well hate to break it to ya ... it is.
They always make there day perfect...perfectly perfect. Like i mentioned in my last
post Coco Rocha is coming out with her new fashion line Rococo. Read my next post to
find out more.

i can't wait for my fairytale wedding....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What would we do without Jean Paul Gaultier??!!??

Jean Paul Gaultier... what can you about this incredible person?? He has made my fall that much more exciting. His Fall/ Winter 2010 collection is so heart-warming for me. I'm just happy. Can any of you guess why? see for your self...

Finally some one in this world made bright colors suitable for fall. Every time i wear "neon" colors it always looks weird because the brights are for summer only..but thank god we have JP Gaultier... I know what i'll be wearing this fall and winter. WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT JEAN PAUL GAULTIER?? You know every season i'm going to start my new trend.. the Z.I.T.A trend..and i've decided it's going to be ... NAVY BLUE NAIL POLISH... i have found the love of my life, my soul mate, navy blue nailpolish.. it's going to be amazing. I'll have to get my friends into it too. IT's So posh.


Friday, July 30, 2010

fall fashions...

Dear Readers,
Well summers almost over, and everybody seems to be hurring up for the fall... i have no idea why, it just wants to make you stop buying all the summer clothes. *UPDATE: Coco Rocha is launching her new clothing line called Rococo, look out for it* anyways i have done some research on my favorite designers and i found versace's fall winter 2010 collection. nobody make a women look sexier than the one and only Donatella Versace. She's incredible. and so are her collections. These dresses are amazing... but can you just pick one??

Versace Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2009-1010 runway

I just love fall/winter season not just for the fashion but i just adore the season itself. This fall is all about the maxi knits, the scarlet lips (my favorite) and you know every season since like last spring the industry have tried to reach there goal, to make the DENIM a huge hit. and they did trust me they reached there goal, i have bought every denim piece possible and believe me its time for a new trend. so denim is supposed to another big thing this season. there is the boyfriend, moto, distressed and my favorite are the shorts, pair 'em up with black nylons under and a dress shirt and your ready to wear!! i just love the shorts and tights:) like i'll bring back the 80's any day :P... my favorite is the floral leggings under the short jean shorts...just like betsey:)



Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beauty awards.... nominations :D

Dear Readers,
In my world makeup matters as much as clothing to me... even though i don't wear it as much... i still think beauty is important. you know its either good make up or no make up. You cant have bad make up its just not right. so now ima tell u all the great make up that i think that are either great make up, or must haves for ever, there the Zita's beauty awards!!


Best mascara:for the longest, fullest most dramatic lashes, which magic wand and potion did you vote for? CoverGirl LashBlast mascara (9.49$)

Best foundation: when you don't want to show your under face, you've got the best foundation right here: L'Oreal true match roller ...

Best eyeshadow: how to make those eyes looking beautiful in every different color: Physician Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Powder in Creamy Natural ($20)

Best Lip stick: M.A.C in blooming (16.50$) Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick in Pout ($25)
Best NailPolish: top coat: OPI top coat Color: you're such a kabuki queen(red)

more to come.. stay tuned


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Dear Readers,

Well my Gr. 6 year is over and i'm sad to see everybody go.. i m gona miss them so much... so as i promised u guys in my last post that i had pictures and guess what.... I HAVE PICTURES...

here we go: HOT THIS SEASON: blue mascara, sephora TOKI DOKI 15$:

I had to .. had to buy a betsey bag in NYC:

so here are the pics!!!


lov u guyz,


Sunday, June 13, 2010

please forgive me!

Hello loves,
i am so sry i havnt been on in a long time so ill just sum up what had happened ever since i left: i went to NYC and i got blue mascara (sickest thing ever), a betsey bag and so many more things. Pictures will come soon... i promise.. and i got pink doc martens.. i quote my friend alexi "its like barbie meets military" ..hehe... and so ya i will get back to you i just have to get pictures and you will have everybit of information..




Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SJP!!!...opposites attract...

Hello Readers,

Well right now im sitting in my living room watching the hockey games and im im really nerouse nervouse...cuz im watching the hockey game with the hockey game HABS AGAINS FLYERS...

GO HABS GO... HALAK OUR GOD OF THE GOALIES AND CAMMALLERRI OUR GOD OF THE GOALS!!! hopefully we win(sry to all flyers fans but i really DO NOT like them) any wayzz i just really had to add that,, my dads yelling at the TV..if i miss spell anything sry... its my fault... okay so

here we go:
so with the fashion.. i was looking through the internet and i love the way 2 color, neon shade and pale shade (yes opposites to attract) so i was look a SARAH JESSICA PARKER 's look is what i really love.. as you see above and dont you see the way her lime green arm band goes off the purple shoes well just like my outfit i did the same (OMG THE FLYERS JUST SCORED AHHH)(SRY JUST REALLY MAD RIGHT NOW) with my lime green gladiator shoes and my purple bag. see the way i did it.... ii took it from a magazine but made it myself.. thats the way fashion is supposed 2 be..! with my lime green and the purple bag

Thats my good fashion deed of the day! THANK YOU SJP FOR YOUR B-U-TIFUL LOOKS!!!
ttyl my fashion lovers!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hello loves,

so hello.. i'm sorry i havnt been on for such a long time.. i missed you guys:P
You know i have been thinking of how i could help the world but still do what i love so you know my favorite model is COCO ROCHA and the reason i love is 1. she's canadian 2. she's gorgeuse and 3. she enjoys helping people. theres this thing called STRUT FOR A CURE
and they help kids with cancer. its like 90 $ to get in and its a fashion show with Coco Rocha as some models and theres like music and stuff. i wana go but wtv i dont know why. well tonight the montreal canadians are playing and hopefully they win11 GO HABS GO!!



Saturday, May 15, 2010

welcome to zita's rodeo

Hello Readers,

Well as you know summer is slowely coming..SLOWLY!! here in montreal its still a little chilly,, a little! anywayzz, i've been doing some research on the summer collections of some designers and you know sometimes you get to the summer and you have no idea what to wear and where t buy it okay so the "in" thing at the moment is THE WILD WEST, yyeeee hawww okay and i found such an easy look from d&g and u dont have to spend a fortune!

here's the link for the D&G stlye:

and so i found a perfect look just like it and i tried to look threw my closet and i found this:

> ripped jeans from garage = 30$
>Mickey and Minnie t-shirt from the disney store = 20$
> Denim shirt from zellers = 20$
> leather belt form ardene = 15$
> cowboy boots from spring = 40$
> averiator sunglasses at arden= 15$

so there you go and i hope you like it and then ya'll will have the same look like D&G.




Sunday, May 9, 2010

IM BACK!!... the after party!!

Robby doing my hair:P MY BETSEY DRESS!!!

Hello Fashion lovers (including my love isabella),

Im back... yes i wore my betsey dress the intire day :D:D

like this morning, i felt like a princess, even though it was my sisters day i felt like the princess!! any wayyzz at the party my mom and i switched shoes and i wore heels:D

and guess what! IM GOING TO NYC FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME.!!!!!!!!! and my mom said were going to betsey johnsons show room. omg if i meet betsey..ill die!
any wayzz ya this was my great day and i cannot wait... GO TO GO START PACKING!!!!


Hello Readers,

its really early like 7 am, like i said in my last blog it was supposed to be 6 but i slept in :D anywhoo i have my aunts friend ROBBY, he's doing our hair and im so excited. i dont know how to do my hair! last year i did the gaga bow (BTW i love lady gagaaa) but in the back of my head with my hair all curly. i probably just gona curl it and then ya know i have to do something simple. umm ya. i cant help but say.. i wish i could bring my laptop with me and blog all day long but i love my dress and you guys to. im trying to what kind of hair style.. i dont wana cause him trouble. wtv im curling and pinning it up.. ill show pics soon...


Saturday, May 8, 2010


hii readers,

it's me again, you know i just cant wait to blog and since tomoro im at a party (in my betsey dress) i wana start right away. Its almost 11:00 pm and im supposed to wake up at 6am.. oh well!! if theres one thing you dont know about me is that if i could switch places with somebody for a day it would have to be a barbie. there so perfect and sophistocated and well perfect! I got the latest lou lou magazine and on pg. 59 they were paying lots of attention cuz they had the versace spring/summer line and its just amazing.. they look like barbies as you can see above. i personally think they described it best.: (p.s all credits go to loulou and who ever wrote this)(pss everything in pink is mine):

"when it comes to making ladies look glamorous and sexy, nobody does it quite like DONATELLA VERSACE. Candy colors, up-to-there hemlines, sky scarper heels (BTW i totally love the ones the model is wearig,... im not aloud to wear high heels but when im aloud well those are going to be my first pair) alice and wonderland patterns... in other words, just a wardrobe to show off your bod youve been toning and bronzing in preparation for the to find a ken who's worthy..."

i absolutely love it. you know come to think of it, i can really play a role of any thing, goth, sporty, girly .. WATEVER! lol but the role i play best is the role of being me!
Her shoes are spectacular... i love them... ill keep u updated if i get them... hehe i love my nails... i got them done in this like bubble gum pink.. sort of like the dresses!
im so excited!!!!
ill talk to you soon!
hugs and kisses!

You cant be cinderella if you dont have a dress!!!

Hello readers,
I know this is only my 1st day but i have so much to write about!!! omg tomorow im wearing the most spectacular dress ever!!! it a black betsey johnson dress... i love it.. im so excited to wear it and omg ill show u pictures!!! omg u have no idea how long i wanted to wear it!!! cant wait for tomorow!!! ttyl!!

The New Girl in Town

Dear Readers,
My name is Zita, Im 12 and im the new girl in town! I wana become a fashion designer and i wana feed my hungry lovers of fasion. I sorta dream out loud. Fashion is one of my biggest interest. My biggest inspirtion is Betsey Johnson, shes my god, and there is also Alexander Mcqueen (what a waste, he was the most beautifulest person ever!). I spend most of day looking through magazines and cutting out nd collaging stuff.( trust me ask my friends ,lovee uu claww) I dont like to copy by the book, its not me like ill go outside in bathing suit in the fall, dont care how i look but i have to look myself! You know some people fall in love with fashion other music or art. I am a fashion addict but my dad on the other hand loves music. i look at it like this: my dad likes Paul Mc Cartney and i like Stella Mc Cartney. Like father like Daughter. Im so excited to do this!!! I'm sorta trying to sound professional, In my blogs i will feature of whats hot and whats not. ill give you my suggestions nd stuff!! ENJOY!!! -XOX ZITAAAA